Proud to be American, proud to be Muslim


Syedna presided over a momentous reception, during which several dignitaries welcomed His Holiness to Los Angeles. A representative from the office of Rep Brad Sherman presented Moula with an American flag that had once flown over the capitol. I was watching Moula from a balcony afar, and saw the flag about to be presented to Moula. I turned my head for a split second, only to see when I looked back that Moula had so swiftly stood up out of his chair, and in a half bow of respect, accepted the flag and shook the dignitary’s hand. The flag was then opened, and Moulana held the American flag wide open for all of us to see. What a sight indeed! I’ve never felt more proud to be an American Dawoodi Bohra than when, on his fist visit to America as Dai, Moulana held up our flag, an emblem of our nationality.

Proud to be American, proud to be Muslim (; City of Brass)